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Booth Design Unit

founded 2007 by Michaela Booth, degree in Visual Communication from Bielefeld College of Higher Education und Berlin College of the Arts, five years as art director at Rotbuch Publishers Berlin, numerous college teaching engagements, own office since 1992


Project assistance

Sophia Paeslack, certified graphic designer
Marijke Küsters, graphik designerin 
Robert Hummel, certified graphic designer


Cooperation partners

Andreas Gebhardt, reproduction
Jörg Gudehus, computer network
Thomas Hack, project management and editorial
Anke Kuckuck, text and communications
Patricia Müller, certified graphic designer (weite kreise)
Dr. Jörg Plath, text and review
Marc Proulx, English translation and copy-editing
Uta Rüenauver, editorial und proofreading
Jochen Skibbe, programming (Internet-Service Berlin)
Andreas Tänzler, architecture, design und project management